Thursday, March 21, 2013

Timelines are not really a thing for contractors...

 The last time we left you we were working with our contractors to get some of the basic framework done in the room. We have officially his the wall and are now trying to push through to the other side, back into productivity. The contractors, no matter house nice they were, took FOREVER to do thier work. To the point that Parker and I steped in and started framing out the wall ourselves. How is that for learning curve!?

Anyway here is what they did in the bathroom. First we had the contractor take out the framing beams in the ceiling so the ceiling would be flush the whole way through. Now we just have to patch it up. Then we had to have another two studs added to the attic so we could patch up the ceiling and also frame out the new wall. This was a giant pain in the butt and poor Parker spent a lot of time hanging out in the fiberglass insulation. And you all know how much we love fiberglass!

 Then we had the contractor frame out the new wall and hand the new door. here is the door and the framework. We actually learned a lot about the process and decided in the future (if we ever have to) we could totally do this our selves.

 Then we had him build our new 4 by 3 foot shower pan. It took him a while to get started and we ended up buying him the easy frame tools that you just bud in after setting them up. If we would have known he was going to go that route we may have just done this ourselves too. But we were glass to not have to lay on the floor for hours figuring this all out.
As you can see the shower pan came out great! We are finally starting to see things move along here. So last night Parker and I started to hang the cement board backer for the shower. Typically you hang the cement board and the sheet rock horizontally across the studs. But since the studs were exactly three feet and so was the width of the cement board we went vertical for one of the sides of the shower. I hope it works out ok. This stuff is super heavy and hard to hang. I do not want to have to undo it all.

Speaking of undoing it all, check out the other wall we finished last night. Looks great except we forgot we were putting an inset int he wall and have to cut the cement board to fit it. So I guess we are going to have to undo the backer board! UGH!!!!

Tonight our friend is coming over to help with the electrical, and then we are going to work on the cement board. We will show you an update when we have it!

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