Friday, March 15, 2013

Sticky situation and floor leveling = late night

Next up for the bathroom is to rip up, clean, seal and level the floors. Parker and I started on the floors the night before. We found it to be fairly easy to rip up the tiles that had not been walked on a lot. The stuff that had been tore into shreds and was a pain to get up. We eventually got it all up and there was this horrible sticky glue under it.

I had read you would need to scrape and wash the floors before doing anything else. So Parker on his day off to care of scraping everything up. I then got home and hand washed the floors with basic soap and water. Then we applied the primer. Here you can see I used a bucket and an old paintbrush to apply it. It looked like milk when it was wet. As it dried it became clear.

 It took much longer for it to dry than we thought so we had to stay up very late to get the next steps done. As you can see in the back left coroner of the picture below there is the shower and then the drain covered by a green bucket. Well there was a big hole in the slab of the house that our contractor asked us to fill in before he built the shower pan. So Parker and I got at it.

 Here is Parker filling in the hole. It was a pretty easy process. And the cement set in 40 minutes. Great stuff.

 So, here is the bathroom in the morning. We were super tired when we did the leveling of the floor so there are not many pictures of the process. Basically you lay this play dough  type stuff on the ground and spread it out and it fills in the holes where there may have been bolts and stuff in the foundation. It makes it much easier to lay tile later on. So we thought it was worth it. Mixing it was really hard but once we got it down it was easy to work with. I definitely think it is a two man job though.

Above is a picture of the floor, holes filled and leveled. We cant believe how much better it already looked! Little did we know our contractor and plumber were going to come in and rip it up the next night. More on that later though... UGH.

Here is an updated list for those who are keeping count!

·         Move Parker’s closet to guest bathroom
·         Move bathroom to guest bathroom
·         Hang tarps and lay carpet protector down for demo
·         Buy bagster and other demo products
·         Cover vents to dust does not get everywhere
·         Remove medicine cabinet and other electrical fixtures
·         Remove light from wall
·         Remove mirror
·         Take out toilet
·         Take out bathroom vanity and sink
·         Rip up flooring
·         Remove door and frame
·         Remove fiberglass shower
·         Remove crown bolding (save for later)
·         Take out wall, cut half wall next to toilet
·         Call plumber to move plumbing for new shower and sink
·         Build new wall in bedroom (contractor)
·         Level flooring
·         Buy tile for floor and shower
·         Hang sheetrock
·         Hang hardy backer board for tile
·         Build shower pan (Contractor)
·         Move electrical outlets and lights
·         Lay floor tile
·         Lay shower tile
·         Grout and finish all tile
·         Paint walls (do a beadboard?)
·         Bagster pickup
·         Install new toilet
·         Install new lighting and fan
·         Install new vanity
·         Install new mirror
·         Rehang crown molding in bedroom
·         Install all new shower fixtures and faucet in sink
·         Finishing touches
·         Drink a beer (or bottle of wine depending on our mood) 

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