Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friends make everything better!

Here is where we kind of had left off from our last post. Demo chaos. We spent a lot of time cleaning and ripping out more drywall and cleaning more. On Sunday we did more of the same.
After a few more hours or demo on Sunday Parker and I got smart and lured our friends Pete and Corey over to the house to help us finish out the last bits of the walls and framing. Many of you dont know Corey but she is basically the same person as me. So when I inticed her with the promis of swinging a sledge hammer and using a power tool and food she was in! I gave her a wall and she made quick work of it, and I mean quick! 

It took her all of 15 minutes to take this baby down. Look at her go!Her husband Pete was loving using the power tools as well. The two of them, with thier fresh arms, took down the rest of the demo in a quick session of 30 minutes.

This is what the bathroom looked like the morning after they left. The floors are still down, but pretty much everything else has been taken out.
As you can see from this picture we had some old insulation in the walls behind the shower. Our contractor suggested we go ahead and replace it since we have the walls open and the insulation was pretty torn up. So Parker and I picked up some 15p fiberglass insulation from Lowes and got to it. This project has by far been the easiest part of the process. New insulation comes with tabs on the edges and is pre-cut so you can make it fin in abnormal sized stud spaces. It took all but 20 minutes to take out the old and put in the new. Here I am nailing up our new insulation behind where the shower will be.
After getting everything in the walls we are now ready to take out the ceiling framing beams and update the electrical wiring and do the floors. On to the next!

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