Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day Three or So...

SO now that we got the vanity out of the way we needed to get those pesky walls out of the way too! Parker and I kicked off the weekend with some help from Jason and some demo!

He and Jason removed the mirror from the wall. It shattered everywhere. Side note, there is no good way to remove a mirror that has been liquid nails'ed to the wall.

Then Parker and jason got started on removing the toilet from the bathroom so we could then replace the floors. I showed him a few "How To" websites and he and Jason were left alone to thier own vices as I had a very important hair appointment to get to. When I got back I saw the toilet in the garage... BOLTS STILL ATTACHED!!!

The boys apparently did not like to read directions and just ripped the thing from the ground. BOLTS and ALL!!!

Here is a shot of the aftermath. Just a hole in the ground. Broken flange. And a heart patterned rag stuffed in the hole. Done and Done.

Then I was left alone for most of the day Saturday to rip out as much as I could. Let me just say that this beam and the reciprocator saw and I were about to have words.

By the way I am going to work on getting better pictures and rotating them as I go. I am sorry they are not great quality. But we are learning as we go on all of this!

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