Monday, March 4, 2013

Bathroom Remodle - We are crazy!

Parker and I are about to begin our biggest project to date in our home. We are going to be renovating our master bathroom! We are both so excited and ready to tackle this project but we are well aware of how much work it is going to be. So we are proceeding with caution.

Before we begin the juicy detailed posts of everything we are doing in the bathroom we wanted to give you a rundown of where we are starting off.

We have a partial wall and the vanity in the master bedroom. Parker’s closet is directly behind that sink. So getting ready in the morning is never fun. Then add in the door to the toilet and shower and you have a really tight space.

On the other side of the door is out toilet and small stand up shower. Small is an understatement. This shower is so tiny I can barely lift my arms to wash my hair in there. It is horrible. The fan in the bathroom does not work very well so it always seems damp and smelly in this little room. I almost never go to the bathroom in there anymore because it is just weird.

So you ask, what is the plan? Well we are gutting it. We are building a new wall in the master bath, knocking down the wall and door, expanding the shower, leveling the floor, tiling, handing new sheet rock and taking out Parker’s closet. Not in that order of course.

Here is a mockup of the new floor plan we did on

 Pretty great right? Well it does not look like much right now but we think it is going to be awesome.

We have already moved Parker out of his closet (he is now using the guest bedroom closet) and we have moved all of our bathroom items into the guest bathroom. We will be living out of that bathroom for the duration of the project.

How long will the duration be? Well we think it is best not to set tight timelines, but we plan on being done by April. All going according to plan that is.

Here is our checklist for our big bathroom remodel:
·         Move Parker’s closet to guest bathroom
·         Move bathroom to guest bathroom
·         Hang tarps and lay carpet protector down for demo
·         Buy bagster and other demo products
·         Cover vents to dust does not get everywhere
·         Remove medicine cabinet and other electrical fixtures
·         Remove light from wall
·         Remove mirror
·         Take out toilet
·         Take out bathroom vanity and sink
·         Rip up flooring
·         Remove door and frame
·         Remove fiberglass shower
·         Remove crown bolding (save for later)
·         Take out wall, cut half wall next to toilet
·         Call plumber to move plumbing for new shower and sink
·         Build new wall in bedroom (contractor)
·         Level flooring
·         Buy tile for floor and shower
·         Hang sheetrock
·         Hang hardy backer board for tile
·         Build shower pan (Contractor)
·         Move electrical outlets and lights
·         Lay floor tile
·         Lay shower tile
·         Grout and finish all tile
·         Paint walls (do a beadboard?)
·         Bagster pickup
·         Install new toilet
·         Install new lighting and fan
·         Install new vanity
·         Install new mirror
·         Rehang crown molding in bedroom
·         Install all new shower fixtures and faucet in sink
·         Finishing touches
·         Drink a beer (or bottle of wine depending on our mood)

WOW I am exhausted just thinking about all this work. You will notice, we left of one HUGE item. The shower doors. We are actually going to leave the shower open for a few months and save up for the shower doors. They cost around $1200 and will be amazing when we get them installed. But we just could not come up with the money right now. So instead of going into debt for the bathroom we are just going to take our time!

Our entire budget (sans doors) is $3000. We shall see what we can do for that! Wish us luck!

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