Thursday, May 23, 2013

LIst update: The devil is in the details

And update on our list for you all:

·         Move bathroom to guest bathroom
·         Hang tarps and lay carpet protector down for demo
·         Buy bagster and other demo products
·         Cover vents to dust does not get everywhere
·         Remove medicine cabinet and other electrical fixtures
·         Remove light from wall
·         Remove mirror
·         Take out toilet
·         Take out bathroom vanity and sink
·         Rip up flooring
·         Remove door and frame
·         Remove fiberglass shower
·         Remove crown bolding (save for later)
·         Take out wall, cut half wall next to toilet
·         Call plumber to move plumbing for new shower and sink
·         Build new wall in bedroom (contractor)
·         Level flooring
·         Buy tile for floor and shower
·         Hang sheetrock
·         Hang hardy backer board for tile
·         Build shower pan (Contractor)
·         Move electrical outlets and lights
·         Lay floor tile
·         Lay shower tile
·         Grout and finish all tile
·         Paint walls (do a beadboard?)
·         Bagster pickup
·         Install new toilet
·         Install new lighting and fan
·         Install new vanity
·         Install new mirror
·         Rehang crown molding in bedroom
·         Install all new shower fixtures and faucet in sink
·         Finishing touches
·         Drink a beer (or bottle of wine depending on our mood)
This list just reminds me of how naive I was when I started this whole thing. There were SO MANY more steps to this project. But we will not complain. We are almost done!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We can see the light!

Here it is y'all! The latest updates in the bathroom! 

Parker and I have finished the grout and the baseboards and The room is definatly coming together. We installed the drain and sealed up all the corners in the shower so when the doors are put in it is water tight. 
I wanted you to have a side by side to see what the tile looked like with out grout. It makes a huge difference right!?
I think it came out pretty darnd good! What do you think?
You can also see I grouted the tile on the floor too. We used a grey grout and sealed all of it. So it should always be easy to clean and maintain. The tile, I remind you was only 99 CENTS a foot! WOOT. 
We painted all the baseboards and caulked them so they look all finished. I think it came out nice. The only area we are concerned about it this corner where the tile meets kinda funky. We will have to caulk it I think.
In addition we have put in the new bathroom vanity and our plumber will be installing the fixture to that this week. Things are really moving along if you ask me!
Parker will also finish the crown molding and we will show you pictures of how that came out at as well. I think you will like how it looks. We sure do!
There are whispers of guests heading our way this weekend, so I will have to update you on how all of this held up with five extra people hanging out!

Monday, May 20, 2013

No Dobt, We Grout!

I am a natural rapper of course.

In other news, we grouted the shower walls. And it came out great! I have yet to wash off and seal everything so I will show you the best part of the action shots.


As you can see the grout we used is white, and it was messy.

 Basically we just slopped the grout on the walls and pushed it in with a float.

 Here I am. This step is board and easy but super gratifying. It makes the shower look more finished. It was a great feeling.
 More pictures of the finished shower floor and bathroom floor to come soon!