Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Time Capsule (sort of)

Parker and I have been busy hanging sheetrock in our bathroom. And  honestly if I never see another piece of sheetrock in my life it will still be too soon. I am over the sheetrock. It crumbles, it is uneven and it gets dust everywhere. I am over it.

That being said, we have walls now! WOOT. I am not going to show them to you all yet because we are still finishing them out with patches and stuff. When we are ready you will be amazed.

Anyway, Parker and I thought we should put a little note in the walls for the next people who renovate the bathroom in our home. So he took some time to write up a cute note telling those people about us and we left a few pictures of us (Harry included) as well. We packed it all up in a plastic baggie and stuck in in the wall behind where the sink will go. We hope it will be found by people who love our home as much as we do. But not too soon obviously!

Here are some pictures of Parker putting the baggie behind the wall.

This also gives you a hint as to what the walls are looking like these days. Let me tell you, they might look good in pictures, but they look even more amazing in person! We are really excited to get moving on to the next phase!

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