Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Step 700 - Tile

Okay so now we are ready to tile.

We have had several issues come up with the tile situation and I want to cover some of them because I think they will help you all understand the feat that it is that we finished this all by ourselves.

First, houses are not built square. So our walls are not plumb. That is an issue when you are tiling a corner! Especially when tiling a corner with small tiles like our chose white subway tiles. Joy. Another challenge. By the way the tiles are from Lowes. $.22 a tile. Pretty good price and we got 5% off with our consumer credit card from there. So that made it cheaper than anywhere else in town.

So we first spent about 5 days laying out the tile on the walls. I bet you many of those DIY blogs don't tell you about that process. No matter what we did we ended up with weird cuts on the end of the walls and in the corner. I wont make your brain hurt with the math but let's just say it was not easy.

Here you can see we began to lay out the tile the way we wanted it. We taped up each tile in the section to see how it would look. Here is what we started with. This about when I realized that the niche, although nice was going to be a pain.
 So then we created a plumb line above where the rubber shower pan was behind the cement board and screwed in a board to hold up the tiles as we went. As you can see we are just getting started cutting and laying everything out. Looks good right? Parker was going at a good pace and this all took him about 5 hours or prep and work. I know. It is hard.
 Once we got started though we got moving. We mudded out the edges of the niche so the tiles would lay flat on the wall. This crated a slight bump on the wall that we are hoping will not be too noticeable in the long run. I guess we should have known how hard this niche was going to be, but oh well. We rolled with it.
 Here it is finished after two days of tiling. We still needed to do the bull nose edging on the tiles and top but I thought Parker did a pretty darned good job right?

We will have spacing that is slightly off in the corner but not by much. We just had to think outside the box and I think we did a good job mitigating any huge issues.
 Here is a close up of the tile with out the grout done. Looks beautiful right? Ohh La La! In case you are wondering we used little pieces of cardboard to prop up the tile when they are not lining up right. Works like a charm.
 So in the same weekend we tackled step one of the ceiling. We added bead board! I love it. It was super hard to cut and we are going to have to fudge a bit of the space around the light. Also caulk and cover the nail holes. But we love it. Plus Parker and I got to use a nail gun. So much fun.
 Love the wide shot. Right?