Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Been A While

We know it has been a while since we have posted on the blog. A lot has been going on. Let me give you a quick update and then we can get to the good stuff.

First off Parker has changed jobs. He no longer works at his horrible retail job! WOOT!!! We transitioned this whole month of April and it has been a big change for us. Luckily Parker found a job at a great company that we hope will give him a lot of chances to grow professionally.

Next, my car died. I know. With the bathroom and the job change you would think we had enough on our plates. Apparently not. So Parker and I had to rush around and buy a new car much sooner than we had thought. Although it is great I have a brand new beautiful car that I love it was a little much to take on. We are recovering though.

So I am sure you can understand the bathroom has had to take a back burner to life. It happens, and we are better off for it, but still, it would have been great to have this all stretched out a bit more over time. Not over three weeks. Let's just say a lot of the following drink was consumed to help with the stress:

Anyway we are getting back to it with lot's more changes to the bathroom to tell you about. First up tiling and then grouting and sealing. Then we install the ceiling and plumbing and fixtures.

It is all happening this week and weekend.

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