Tuesday, May 29, 2012

X Factor in Austin

Amidst all the crazy moving stuff Parker and I got an email from our friend Janet inviting us to see a taping of the X Factor in Austin... For free! Well since we are bleeding money into so many house projects, a fun free night out with friends sounded like a great idea! After work last Thursday we walked over to the Frank Erwin Center and waited in the hot Texas sun for about an hour. But it was so worth it in the end because we ended up with great seats to watch the show! Best of all we got to see Simon and Brintey in person! I said to Parker it was like watching TV but just live. It was really ingesting to see the whole production in person. How many times does Brintey need her hair fluffed? Let's just say a lot. But she is Britney Spears! Here are some shots of the night. birtney is in a bright orange dress:

After the five hour taping we headed home. We both agreed it was a needed break from all the house projects we have been doing!

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