Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After Parker and I picked up our keys to our new home we were greeted in the kitchen with a wonderful bottle of bubbles and a fabulous orchid. Our REALTOR Molly was such a  huge help in this process and we could have never done it without her help.

Yumm! We had this and a pizza in the backyard as Harry played as our first meal in our new house!
We still don't have pictures of the whole house just yet so I am sorry for the odd and ends shots. But I think these pictures will help you all get a better idea of the house and what we are working with! We have already begun making big changes in the house so I thought I would give you a little sneak preview.

Here is the kitchen. It is going to be a big project we tackle later. We plan to rip out that door, and the counter tops and lay new flooring and knock out a wall. We are saving our pennies so we can do it right!
Parker and Cheryl got started on the giant red wall in the living room. As you can see the room does not have a lot of light in it, so we wanted to lighten it up as much as we could.
Here are the floors in the living room and hallway and office. Again very dark color, so we are trying to use lots of light colors to lighting up the house.
This is a shot from the kitchen looking down the hall towards the bedrooms. Again super dark. The plan is to change out the front door with one that has a window in it and also add a ceiling fan so that we can get some overhead lighting in the house. 

This is the office. Under the paint drapes there is some more of the dark wood floors. As you can see Cosette (Cheryl's dog) was going to help us paint. She actually was a very good girl and played all weekend with Harry in his backyard!

We wanted to lighten this room up and get rid of the bright blue. We tested out several colors as you can see. I bet you you can't pic out which one we picked!
Parker and I wanted to pick a light color that would show off his awesome movie posters in the office in a "super classy" way. We ended up going with a great color. I will do a post with the finished look later. We hope you all like it because we love it!

Cheryl and Cosette were a huge help once we got painting.
I patched up holes in the walls from giant anchors on the walls from shelves. I am becoming a master at this.
Parker, Cheryl and I were very busy that first weekend in the house. We have already painted three rooms and a whole lot of trim! My hand is in a claw shape still. We can't wait to start showing you more of what we have been up to! 

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  1. Those dark wood floors are gorgeous, lush and look of good quality. Light colors on the walls will definitely help compliment them.

    Good luck and many congrats!