Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Woops that was not supposed to happen!

While Parker was hard at work on the "red wall of death" I was hard at work on destroying the house. The previous owners have a love of wall anchors. As you might know these anchors are hard to take back out of the wall. They were either driven right into the studs, or giant and broke off if you tried to pull them out of the wall.

I decided to start small with a little shelf we think they used for keys and such. I figured eh can't be that bad. Oh how wrong I was. This is a wide angle of the area I am talking about:

Here is the wall just after I took out the first anchor. Does not look that bad from here right?

Wrong! It was so bad!
Here is the aftermath on the floor. It did not look good.
This is what was in the wall! Can you believe this was in the wall to hold up that tiny shelf? I mean come on!
So after I ripped out the on anchor I remembers something that Parker's mom said we could do, which is push in the anchor into the wall and spackle over it. So for the second anchor I did just that. I think it worked pretty well. The paint is still drying there so I am going to post updated pictures later to show you how it came out.

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