Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day with the Cody's

This weekend was the first holiday we spent in our new home. It was a perfect opportunity to break it in and see how this little home would hold up! We invited the whole Cody family, Heather, Preston, Annabelle, Declan, Everett and even Mr. chewie to the party. They came out from Houston early Saturday morning and stayed through Monday afternoon. The whole visit was a blur! The kits played in our yard (that needed to be mowed os so badly, more on that later) and we went out for burgers. The first night Declan got a big surprise from Uncle Parker, Good Guy sheets for his bed! He will use them when he comes to stay at hour house. He liked them so much he wanted to go to bed right away. It was so cute. This was the only picture I could get of him in the bed.

The next picture is of Miss. B hanging out in out room in her sleeping bag. She was loving having sleep overs with us. And she was such a good girl. She would crawl up in to our bed in the morning and tell us about her dreams. It was so special.

The last pictures were from Memorial Day. We started the morning watch Good Guy shows on our sofas in our PJ's and then Uncle Parker took the kiddos outside to play.

We then broke in our brand new grill thanks to the Cody's who gave it to us as house warming gift. Parker has never looked happier with a cold beer in his hand while flipping burgers in his own backyard. It was a perfect holiday weekend and we can not thank the Cody family enough for making the trip out here.

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