Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Red Wall of Pain

As I have mentioned, the red wall in our living roo that made the room even darker than it really is had to go! Parker and I have finally gotten rid of it and we think it came out really good!

To give you some more details, Parker and I wanted to paint the whole living room and the hallway a light airy grey that I had found on another blog I read. It was called Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. I saw it on Young House Love and I loved it. I thought it was the perfect color. But it was going to cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to paint the whole room. But I really felt it would make the room look bigger.

Well after we closed on the house we realized that painting the whole living room and hallway in addition to the bedrooms was a lot to take on. So we started to try and think outside the Moonshine Box. Well didn't we luck out when we went into the garage and saw a FIVE GALLON paint bucket of the grey that was already on the rest of the living room walls and hallway. So after about a five minute deliberation between Parker and I we just decided to give it a try. After all it was FREE!

Parker and his mom got started on taping and getting the wall prepped for priming. After the first coat of the best primer we could find, we knew we might be in trouble. The red just bled right through. So we decided to let it dry and go for a second coat. After a second coat of the Killz the wall looked better but we could definatly still see streeking. So we started on the Grey color thinking we had plenty of that so if we had to do layers of it we could. Here is a picture of the wall with the white primer still showing and the first coat of the grey.
Check out our new ladder we bought! It extends and everything!
After two coats of Killz Primer and 3 more coats of the grey paint here is the final result. This is after we moved in so you can see our new carpet and the beginnings of how we are setting up the room. What do you think!?
We plan on mounting the TV on the wall and buying a new media cabinet. To save some money though we are just using our old Target coffee table for the stand for now.
We think it came out great! We still think you can see some unevenness in the color on the wall if you look VERY close. But eh maybe one day we will pay to have the whole space painted and it will look perfect. For now, we think we did pretty good. On to the next project!

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  1. Your doing a great job! All looks to be coming along well! Yes, Red is a beast to cover up but you did it right!