Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things are beginning cooling off

Last week we had our handyman come and install our beautiful new ceiling fan in our living room. This was not a tast for us beginer homeowners to try and tackle. It turns out it was hard for the professionals too!

He got to the house right at 9am and did not leave until almost 430. He also fixed several other small things around the house that we found on the inspection but for the most part all of that work was on the fan.

As you can see we have valuted celings in the room so there was no room for us to eaily feed the wiring in the attic. So he had to remove a can light that was awkwardly places above the fireplace and feed that wiring up to the fan. Once he did that we were left with three large holes in the drywal.

Here his is just getting started. He was cutting into the ceiling at this point. I tried to stay out of his way. Below you can see the other holes in the ceiling behind him where he removed the can light and cut a feeder hole.

Here is the fan up close. You can see the fixtured and the light bowl are both very light and bright. Can you see a theme here with our desgin elements!?

So after the 9 hours or fiddling around with the light we flipped the switch! Here is what is looks like all finished and installed:

Here are the two most handsome men in the world enjoying the new lighting in our living room. Can you tell how much brighter it is in here!?

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