Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After we got the shelves all painted and installed we went over the cracks that the brackets and the shelves themselves created between them with some paintable caulking. It was tedious and messy but totally worth it. I think that it really finished out the look of the shelves.

After that dried we went ahead and loaded up the shelves with what we had lying around the house. This is a first attempt and for sure not the way it will stay. But we are working on it.

Top shelf has already changed pretty drastically, and we are going to add more cookbooks to the bottom self.
Here you can wee more depth of the shelves. We have a munch more practical stuff we should be putting out there but for now we are sticking to pretty stuff.
Now we have these finished I am going to move around the kitchen and see if we can empty out some of the cabinets we want to empty out so we can knock out the WHOLE WALL we want to knock out! I know we are nuts. I am hopping it comes out pretty though! More on the wall removal as we get to it.

So what you do you think? I think it is coming along okay for now.

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  1. Looks nice! I was thinking, "Hey, I should get some shelves in my kitchen." And then I remembered that I have them... I'm just too short to reach them... haha. Fail. ;)