Monday, June 18, 2012

Shelf the issue

As Parker and I get settled into the new house we are trying to take note of all the pending progects we would like to do and how we want to go about them. Out first large project will be renovating the kitchen. We have had lots of thoughts about how to go about doing that but for now we are just going to work with what we have and try and prepare our space for the upcoming changes.

To get started on making those changes we decieded we wanted to add more function storage space to the kitchen and what better or easier) way to do this but than to build the very trendy open kitchen shelves we have seen all over the place. We started out with a bare wall in the dining area of our eat in kitchen. The walls are a light grey so we thought white white white shelves would really "pop".

And here is what we ended up with:

What do you think?
We used the plans we found very well documented on I have been following their blog for years and I finally get to try out some of their great projects! We started with bare wood and stock brakcets from Home Depot. Sanded them down three times, then primed and painted them with paint we already owned. It really helped that we had all the painting stuff already otherwise I think it would have been better to just buy these shelves.

We wanted wide, thick and usable shelves that we could really load up so that they would act like really substitutes for kitchen cabinets. They are attached to the walls in the studs and then anchored into the wall in the middle with 75 pound drywall anchors. I don't think this babies are going anywhere anytime soon.

Our dishes and lots of other good stuff fit on these shelves. We don't like the gap between the bracket and the shelf though. We will be fixing that soon.
The sanding was well worth it but as you can see here they are not perfect. But I think they still came out great for our first fully DIY project.

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