Thursday, January 10, 2013

Meeting Young House Love

So you might have guessed it from reading my posts, but just in case you did not know. I love the blog Young House Love. John and Sherry are a normal couple that began writing their blog years ago as a way to keep their families apprised of their home updates. From there it has become a monster success. So much so that they have both quit their jobs and have written a DIY book!

 I was one of the first in line to buy their book, and so pumped when they announced that they would be coming in to Austin to do a signing! My friend Corey agreed to come with me for the signing and talk they were giving on writing their book. I was pumped.

 Fast forward to this past Tuesday, I was worried because I had seen their updates from other cities and it looked like the lines were going to be really long and because it was pouring rain that we might be standing outside in it for hours. Good thing the folks at Book People are quite the pros at hosting book signings and they had us all inside and cozy while we waited for them to arrive.

They arrived right on time and were as sweet and approachable as they are on the blog. Their talk on writing their book was really interesting. I was exhausted just listening to them talk about the process. Most nights while doing the photo shoots for the book they only got a few hours of sleep. They also did not hire any stylist or any other help to do all the project shoots and the projects themselves. Each and every thing you see in the book they did. It is really inspiring. It all makes me even more excited for our bathroom remodel!

Anyway here they are talking to the group. Sherry is of course making a funny face because that is how she rolls:

After the talk Corey and I grabbed a coffee and waited to get out books signed. The store grouped us by letter section so we all did not have to stand in line forever. It worked quite well. After only about 30 minutes our group was called and we started to wait in line. It then hit me that I was going to get to talk to them. And I know you all are probably thinking, “So what?”, but these guys are like mom and dad’s Bob Villa to me! They are the reason I have been willing to do so much of my home projects. I read their blog every day and refer to them by first name to Parker whilst doing almost all of our home projects. I of course began to freak out.
In line, they are on the other side of the glass. I think they would have preferred to stay that way after talking to me!
Corey gave me a look like “Keep it together Christine”:

 And I had this look on my face:

It is blurry because I could not sit still I was such a wreck!

Anyway I decided I wanted to tell them that I refer to them by first name so much that Parker now refers to them as my besties (silly term for best friends). I did not, however, think about how creepy this would come off. Oh well I went with it. Corey and I got up there, got our picture taken and then I stared to run my mouth. Sherry was gracious and said she thinks of other blogs as her friends and “besties” too and that she was glad I did the same. Yea right, I am sure she thought I was nuts. Oh well. Here we are, being awesome with my besties!

They of course signed the book to their bestie, Christine! Woot! It makes me happy. All in all it was a fun night. I am so glad I went. And if you have not read their blog you should do so. It is awesome, funny, thoughtful, and helpful!

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