Friday, July 20, 2012

Wall O Frames

This last week I decided to get on finishing up several lingering projects I have had around the house. One of them was re-hanging our gallery wall I made at the last house.

If you did not know, I had a lot of picture frames left over from our wedding. At the apartment I spray painted them all a cream/kaki color and hung them over our sofa. In this house the cream was not going as well, so I bought a can of white spray paint and went to town. The result is a fresh looking new gallery wall.

I love the idea of creating "free" art around the house so I hung several things in frames that mean a lot to Parker and I. The rest are pictures from the wedding and travels.
Wide shot to give you perspective.
Up close you can see some of the artwork.
The buffet is from Parker's Poppy and on it I have the bouquet from the wedding, and a bottle that I used as centerpieces at the wedding. I think the look came out really nice. I plan to let the wall evolve, hanging pictures as we take them and changing out frames as well. I like the idea of changing it with our family. There is even a big drawing of Harry in there for good measure!

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