Thursday, December 20, 2012

An $89 Headboard

I know it has been forever, sorry about that. We have been super busy celebrating lots of family birthdays and the holidays. But We have also been busy doing stuff around the house. The most significant would probably be the new headboard I made with my mother in law and Parker over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I had been planning on making this headboard for a while. It was always a "When I find the right fabric, or time to make it I will". Well with MIL on hand and time to do it I felt it was go time in the house.

MIL and I headed over to a new fabric store and they just so happened to have the exact fabric I had been looking for. It is nice and heavy and fairly neutral so if I wanted to change the colors of the room or our bedding I could.

After buying 3 yards of the fabric, a bunch of extra thick batting, a piece of plywood (cut in half to fit in our car), extra long screws, nuts and bolts and some 2x4 pieces to be the legs we hauled everything back to the house and got started. Every one of the tutorials I read about said this was a super easy project and I was hoping to be done with it in just a few hours. Well, it was fairly easy but it took a lot more time than I had planned.

First we assembled the plywood and screwed the pieces together with a remnant to reinforce it. We then began to wrap the headboard like a present with the first and then a second layer of extra thick batting. Here is what it looked like after both layers were stapled onto the plywood.

Then we wrapped the whole head board in the fabric making sure it was laying flat and pulled tightly around the batting. We wanted to make sure it looked even and no pulling effect was happening so we took our time and used a lot of staples. Here is what it looked like without the legs attached and after about two hours of work. pretty nice right?

Then we began the next day with attaching the legs to the headboard. This is where we ended up having a problem. See the back of the headboard had become super thick because we had been folding the batting and then the fabric down and stapling it. so when we went to screw in the legs the fabric keept getting caught on the screws and the legs would not attach. To our horror we realized we needed to take the fabric off and attach the legs directly to the plywood and then re-wrap the legs with the fabric. After many hours of fussing with the legs and the MIL helping me figure it all our we finally were ready to attach the headboard to the bed frame.

After fussing with the bolts and getting everything even and attached we finally could see the fruits of our labor. I think it came out awesome! The whole thing cost me $89 not the close to $2000 I was going to spend on the bed frame I love from Crate and Barrel. Luckily now we have more cash saved up for the bathroom renovation we are plotting for spring of next year. Woot!

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