Thursday, October 4, 2012

Master of Arts

As I mentioned to you the other week I made some home made art for Parker for our annaversary. I wanted to save money and be creative this year and I think I accomplished both! Two years is your cotton anniversary. Well since we did not have a met yet I did not want to get sheets wich is the obviousl cotton gift. I also did not want to get Parker any clothes as we are both working hard to loose some weight and I was not sure if it would fit him once he did.

So I came up with the idea of making art on canvas. I have seen a dew other blogs do the same thing and I figured I could pull it off. I used a coupon and bought two canvases on sale and Jo Ann's and then use paint samples we already had. In the end I probably only spent around $15 on the whole thing.

Once I gathered my materials I got to painting. I had seen a few ideas for what I wanted to paint but in the end chose the words from the long we walked down the ilse to at our wedding. The Beatles are my mom's favorite and I have always loved this song.

Here is how my first attempt at home made art came out. What do you think?
I know, it is kind of awesome! I love the whole look! The colors just happened to go well together in the room and they were free!

After Parker got his gift we decided to hang it up for the world to see. I like that it is right next to our bed reminding us of our special day and a good message to live by.
After hanging this artwork up I decided to hang other art up in the room. Hey, it's been 5 months I guess it is time. Next I hung up a map of Venice over Parker's new dresser. I also put out a picture of the family ad an eagle that his mom recently gave us from when Parker earned his eagle scout. I love the way this looks.
Above is a picture Parker's grandma painted and Parker's mom gave us just after we moved in together. I have always liked it and imagined having it in a special place in our home. I think it brightens up the muted colors in the rest of the room well.

So there you have it. We now have stuff to look at in our room. Things are slowly coming together in the house. It is amazing to me that even 5 months into living here I still feel like we are just moving in. I hope you like what we are doing with the place. We sure do! :)

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  1. Darling darling!! And, I tried to email you as I want to hear more about your Eyropean adventures. Could you do that all in a day from Naples to Capri and on?? Can't miss my ship :) My email is